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Account Settings

iXport has an easy to use account panel in conjunction with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to make it easier for you to access information, customers and order information.

Accessing Your Account Panel And What You Will Find Here

Start by logging in to your Control Panel through www.ixport.com/customer/account/login/

If you have 2FA activated, please verify your access through the Google authenticator mobile app



You will now be in the Account Manager which may look a little different depending on if you are the Account Owner or a Secondary User due to your Permissions and Restrictions. If you are the account owner, here is what you will find and be able to edit all of the following areas.

Billing information and Domain changes are restricted to the Account Owner only.

Store Information

You will be able to see the Domain information and switch between multiple stores in the My Store area.

View and if applicable, edit:

  • The name of your store
  • Your URL and IP Address
  • Your SSL certificate
  • Store Alias
  • Status of your Account

Control Panel Users/Permissions

You can add additional users to your store and see who has access and what they can access.

You can:

  • Add new users to access your Control Panel
  • Edit your name or email
  • Edit the permissions of existing Users

Billing Information

For accounting information about your iXport Account, you can check out these easy to access features.

Account Owners will be able to:

  • Change your billing information such as address and card number
  • Change your iXport Subscription such as upgrading to unlock more features
  • View past invoices for your account

Cancelling Your Account

To cancel your account please open a Support Ticket from the Account Owner email address requesting a cancellation. Your cancellation will be processed and effective your next bill date. The account will remain active until your next billing date. For more information see www.ixport.com/legal